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At, people are looking for a place to call home. In a home, there are spaces to make memories, where love and laughter can be shared, where privacy can be found, and where life itself may be a reason for celebration.Make the process as exciting as finding your ideal home. It means we work with our customers from the beginning and are there when it matters most - from internet searches to brokers to buy and sell the property, through paperwork, and finally to finding that dream home. You can count on to make you smile.

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We want Pakistan to become a popular destination for both inhabitants and investors. aims to become Pakistan's go-to source for comprehensive information on all building projects in the country. We want to become the primary source of information on the Pakistani real estate market in the coming years. Make sure that you have lasting memories to look back on. 

If our customers are in the nation or not, our goal is to provide them with a clear picture of what we do. We can analyze and value your properties over the phone or online. As a community, we think Pakistan should have a digital resource for projects that provides residents with accurate and impartial information on the project. We believe that there should be a location where people can feel and know that the source is trustworthy. 

We're all about breaking the rules and setting up new ones. Game changers, silent geniuses, and hands-on revolutionaries are just some of the people that make up our team. We're not only looking for a place to call home; we're helping Pakistanis find happiness

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  • FDA approval?
    Yes, has been authorised by the FDA. The Faisalabad Development Authority (FDA) is a Pakistani government organisation that implements and oversees the city's planned development. may be able to control the construction of new houses, companies, and other real estate projects with the assistance of this organisation.
  • About Registry?
    An accurate and updated record of ownership is the purpose of land registration. It's advisable to register your house now so that there aren't any surprises at the time to sell or buy.Our primary goal is to assist you in every step of the transaction, from interacting with brokers to completing the necessary documentation. Because of this, the register of your property has been adopted to ensure the protection of your property.
  • Developer History?
    Telecom Engineering Cooperative Housing Society have established this top-class housing scheme to provide the ultimate lifestyle to people of Faisalabad since 1988. Tech Town Phase V is a dream living and investment place developed with special public concerns. The community is enriched with all those features which are essential to lead an innovative lifestyle as per the latest demands. The seamless connectivity to all the city and best property prices allow people to get the high value of their money.
  • About Rate? focuses on homes from a wide variety of pricing ranges. Specifying a price range is necessary for both buyers and sellers when purchasing or selling property. There is a price difference between business and residential buildings, though.
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